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How brands should plan for an omnichannel future

The prevalence of the internet has shown us that brands no longer need to start with a physical distribution channel to win with consumers. This is rapidly changing for the long term as internet spend is getting more expensive and consumers are inundated with new products and brands every second....


How does the DTC model need to change?

As this industry has grown, the market has evolved, and customer acquisition costs have increased. Companies need to grow fast to get a piece of the pie, but this pressure can make it difficult to build a profitable DTC business. When direct-to-consumer brands first started popping up a decade ago,...


Will brands have to go wholesale to turn a profit?

Recently, we have been seeing in the media many DTC brands partnering with Retailers. A study from BMO Capital Markets, “DTC’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be,” found that although many apparel brands are aggressively shifting towards direct-to-consumer (DTC), underlying profitability may be better selling through wholesale...


We are in a recession! And what that means for you as a DTC brand

With Shopify laying off cutting roughly 1,000 workers, or 10% of its global workforce, rolling back a bet on e-commerce growth [] as the company reports $1.2 billion net loss. And Glossier laying off a third of their workforce [https:...


How to track SKUs without a spreadsheet

What Is An SKU? SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, and businesses use SKUs to identify their inventory. It’s a number that enables differentiation of products and inventory level tracking; the number may or may not be alphanumerical. Products are given SKU numbers based on their specific characteristics. Things...


6 Ways To Give Better Feedback

The people you work with aren’t psychic. They don’t know what you are thinking; well, some might be psychic but let’s focus on the ones that aren’t. For us that don’t have mind-reading abilities, regular feedback is crucial for improving the quality of work over...

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