If you’ve ever tried to bring a consumer good to life, you’ll have realized that there is no platform or product designed to solve the specific problems and pain points associated with creating a consumer good, and this is where Lanor steps in.

Lanor is a product management tool that helps businesses save time, align, clarify, and communicate with the entire team through design, production, and merchandising processes.

If you have a business and a team you are working with to create and market products, then I can think of no better tool for you and your team to use to achieve your goals than Lanor.

Who Are We?

Lanor was founded by Onanma Okeke and Abiola Doherty; two women with backgrounds in retail and tech. Onanma worked in the fashion industry for a while and transitioned into tech as a brand and product designer. She has scaled, and designed products and consumer experiences at notable companies like Nike, Petal and Reddit. On the other hand, Abiola trained as a software engineer and has worked at companies like JP Morgan, Black Girls Code and Torrid - a billion-dollar retail company. It was at Torrid that she realized the difficulties that exist within the consumer goods industry.

Abiola and Onanma created Lanor to alleviate some of the difficulties that exist in the business of consumer goods. They were able to create a product that caters to the full consumer goods process. Due to their backgrounds in retail and tech, they were able to identify problems that have long existed in this industry and have created a product that allows teams to solve their problems in the most efficient way possible.

What To Expect

The first thing you will notice when you log into Lanor is how simple and easy to use it looks, even when you’re not familiar with the features. Lanor is definitely user friendly, and this is really important when different members of your team who may or may not be tech-savvy will be required to use it as well. It has a simple, easy-on-the-eye outlook, and the features are easy to get the hand of.

After you and your team set up your accounts, which is super easy to do, it’s time to dive into Lanor. You’ll get an in-depth understanding of these as you work in Lanor and in some subsequent articles, but just to give you a bit of an idea -

  • Workspaces - Workspaces are folders that you and your team can interact with; this is where your products will exist. You can name each workspace by the product's name for easy tracking.
  • Product List View - After adding products to your workspace, you can choose to display them in a list view or Kanban view. The list view just displays them one after the other. You can click on any product to access that product's product page.
  • Product Kanban View - With the Lanor Kanban view, you can visualize your products in a board of stacked cards. Click the + icon to add products from the list view. Click and drag to move cards between different stacks or reorder them within a stack. This view allows you to see and keep track of the stage of production each product is at.
  • Product Page - This is the internal view of the product. Here, you can delete the product, see the status of the product, add comments, add files, insert tables, and much more.
  • Sections - A section is a sub-page within a product that contains specific types of assets about that product, so everything is stored within context.
  • Activity - Here, you’ll see what’s happening with workspaces, and you’ll be notified when things change or are interacted with, and the notifications will give context.
  • Tasks - This is where things can be assigned to different people in your organization; they have due dates and checkboxes so that everything can be organized and done when needed.
  • Files - Here, you can upload things.

Now it’s time to jump in and explore Lanor.

Published by Chukwunonso Emelumadu

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